Pop Up Bar Structures

Pop Up Bar
Pop Up Bar

Mobile Bar Hire

Fully Stocked Mobile Bar
Fully Stocked Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar Hire

Pop Up Prosecco Bar
Pop Up Prosecco Bar

Mobile Bar Hire

Pop Up Bar
Pop Up Bar

Mobile Bar Hire


Whether it is a Prosecco Bar, Gin Bar, Cocktail Bar or Fully Stocked Bar you require, we have you covered! Our Pop Up Bars are perfect for every event!

 Please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Example Menu for Fully Stocked Bar 

Beer & Cider

Tenants Pint                     £4.00

Speciality Pint                  £4.50

Bottle Budweiser              £3.50

Bottle Peroni                    £3.50

Bottled Cider                    £3.00

Flavoured Cider               £3.00



Smirnoff Vodka                £2.50

Premium Vodka                £3.50

Bacardi                             £2.50

Dark Rum                        £2.50

Gordons Gin                    £2.50

Speciality Gin                  £3.50

Courvoisier Brandy          £3.50

Bells Whisky                    £2.50

Premium Whisky              £3.50

Jack Daniels                     £3.00

Tequila                             £3.00

Sambucca                         £3.00

Other Shots                       £2.50



Rose                                 £4.00

Pinot Gringo                    £4.00

Merlot                              £4.00

Prosecco                           £4.50


Soft Drinks

Coca Cola                       £1.00

Diet Coke                       £1.00

Irn Bru                            £1.00

Diet Irn Bru                    £1.00

Lemonade                       £1.00

Tonic Water                    £1.00

Soda Water                     £1.00